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New Adjustable Mouth Feature = More Facial Expression


SANGE 156cm Head #2 SANGE 156cm Head #2 TPE

SANGE TPE 148cm Head #7

Price: 1690USD
SANHUI 158cm Head #32 SANHUI 158cm Head #32 New Head

SANHUI 158cm (5' 2.2'') Head #32

Price: Start at 2649USD
SANHUI 160cm Head #3 SANHUI 160cm Head #3 HOT

SANHUI 160cm (5' 3'') Head #3

Price: Start at 2649USD
SANHUI 165cm Head #7 SANHUI 165cm Head #7 HOT

SANHUI 165cm (5' 5'') Head #7

Price: Start at 2769USD

SANHUI 165cm (5' 5'') R Cup Head #7

Price: Start at 2849USD

SANHUI 168cm (5' 6.1'') Head #14

Price: Start at 2769USD