Why order from SANHUI?

SANHUI has been in the silicone sex doll business for years, we've gained a lot of experience during that process, now we're one of the leading sex doll manufacturers in China. We offer great products and services, you won't regret your choice.

About our local warehouse in the United States

Our warehouse is mainly for the American customers who are willing to pay extra fees to have the doll sent to our warehouse first instead of their homes directly. We don't sell anything that can get into customs issues, which means having the doll sent to your place won't have any risks at all.

SANHUI Dolls Introduction

Body Options: SANHUI now offers bodies (Measured with head on) at the sizes of 65cm (2' 1.6''), 88cm (2' 10.64''), 92cm (3' 0.22''), 102cm (3' 4.16''), 125cm (4' 1.2''), 145cm (4' 9''), 156cm (5' 1.4''), 158cm (5' 2.2''), 160cm (5' 3''), 165cm (5' 5''), 168cm (5' 6.1''). We also have a 160cm doll with seamless neck design, which is also named the SANHUI 160cm AIO.

Head Options: SANHUI offers a lot of head options, they're available on the order pages.

Head Installation: For the 118cm and bigger size dolls, we use the so called plug in/pop out neck joint design, which makes it extremely easy to put on and take off the head. For the smaller size dolls, we use the traditional scew on/off neck joint design. For the 160cm AIO doll, you can't change the head.

Rotatable Eyes: Most of the SANHUI heads have rotatable eyes, which allow the dolls to look into different directions. It definitely makes the dolls more realistic and enjoyable.

Skin Tone Options: SANHUI offers four standard skin tone options. We also do custom skin tones, please send us an email if you need it, we will charge extra.

Joint Options: SANHUI offers two joint options, standard joints and loose joints. The loose joint option makes it more effortless to move the joints, but the doll may not be able to hold certain positions.

Add On Options: The add-on options are exclusively developed to make the dolls more realistic, all the add-on options we offer right now are Soft Breasts, Textured Skin, Soft Belly, Soft Butt, Soft Thighs, Soft Vagina, Nipple Pigmentation, Labia Pigmentation and Hymen. We now offer the Soft Breasts add-on option for free.

SANHUI dolls are extremely detailed, we'll post more information in the future.

About the new Flexi Edition skeleton

The Flexi Edition skeleton is the latest improvement we did to our products, just like the add-on options, it's an upgrade you can add to your doll. It's available on 118cm and taller size dolls. The Flexi Edition skeleton will allow the dolls to have wider movement range and smoother skeleton operation.

Why is the Head #8 500USD more expensive?

The Head #8 was exclusively designed by our designing team and we charge it 500USD more.

Payment Methods

We accept PayPal, credit, and a limited amount of bank to bank transfers per month. Bank transfers will usually cost around $30 and take around four business days. If you would like to use this payment method please send us an email and we can make arrangements. 

About the countries we ship to

We now ship to the United States, Canada, Europe, most of the countries and areas in Asia. The countries we don't ship to are South Korea, Mexico, all the countries in South America and Africa. If you're not sure if we ship our products to your country, please contact us before ordering. For the customers from Canada, Australia, Signapore and Norway we'd recommed you to get in touch with our sales reps first instead of ordering throug our website directly, we'll figure out the best way to help minimize the potential customs fee based on your situation.

Should I pay for the international shipping and customs duties?

We offer free shipping to United States, Canada, Europe, most of the countries and areas in Asia

● United States: Free shipping, no customs fees. The shipping will take about 8 to 10 days.

● Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland: Free shipping, our customers will have to pay around 15% of the declared value for the customs fees. For the customers from those countries, we highly recommend you to contact us personally before you place an order on our website directly. After we get your consent to proceed with the deal, we'll send you an invoice through PayPal, which will separate the shipping fee from the total price for your order, the total amount you'll have to pay for the doll will stay the same, but if we do it in this way, we won't have to declare the doll at the full amount you pay for the doll (which will happen if you place the order directly on our website), it will help save customs fees for you. The shipping will take about 10 to 15 days.

● Europe (Russia Not Included): We'll offer free exclusive UPS shipping service, which will take care of the customs duties from our side, the customers won't have to pay any customs fees nor taxes. The shipping will take about 10 to 15 days.

● Russia: We'll offer free exclusive CDEK shipping service, which will take care of the customs duties from our side, the customers won't have to pay any customs fees nor taxes. The shipping will take about 17 days.

● Japan: Free shipping, very little customs fees (around 20USD). The shipping will take about 5 to 8 days.

Vendor Policy

Due to issues with vendors not adhering to SANHUI company policies, not informing customers of their rights under these policies, and avoiding responsibility for late orders and damages sustained after the doll is transferred to their care we have been forced to institute a separate policy for our products purchased from a third party.

SANHUI products purchased from any third party vendor will now have a limited warranty and are not eligible for returns or refunds directly from SANHUI. Dolls purchased from private sales are not eligible for warranty or returns. Requests for refunds and repairs not covered under the limited warranty are the responsibility of the vendor. Once the product leaves our factory the third party vendor seller assumes all responsibility and requests for support must go through them. It is the responsibility of the seller to inform their customers of how to report damage incurred during shipping and to file any claims.

Any requests for repairs will be assessed by SANHUI and if the issue is found to be a manufacturing defect SANHUI will provide the customer with the necessary parts and instructions to repair their doll or the customer has the option to ship the doll back to SANHUI for free repairs at their own expense. The customer is also responsible for return shipping. When SANHUI receives the damaged doll if the it is determined that the damage was caused by customer neglect such as forcing the skeleton outside its range of motion then SANHUI will not repair the doll and the customer is responsible for all repair fees.

Materials used on SANHUI dolls

We construct our dolls with the highest quality materials. Our silicone is a medical grade platinum cured silicone imported from Japan that is non-toxic, odor-free, Shore hardness 0 degrees and below, stretches 450%, tear resistance degree is 450Mpa. We use durable stainless steel to create our skeletons and wrap it in an environmentally friendly soft foam to simulate human muscles.

How we measure our dolls

We measure our dolls from head to heel, just like the way we measure the height of a real person. Every doll is handmade, which means deviation is inevitable.

Why there is a 2KG difference between our website and some of our vendors' websites when it comes to the weight measurements

SANHUI has applied some new techincs to significantly reduce the weight of our dolls, some of our vendors just forgot to update the weight measurements on their websites.

What do the implantation add-on options have to do with a doll's weight

We now offer Soft Breasts, Soft Belly, Soft Butt and Soft Thighs four implantation add-on options, each one will add around 0.3KG to the doll's overall weight since more silicone is injected into the body.

Realistic features on SANHUI dolls

SANHUI strives to provide our honored patrons with the most realistic, safe, and quality companions that will last years to come. Many dolls on the market are not anatomically correct and lack detail. This is not the case with a SANHUI doll! Our dolls are some of the most anatomically correct dolls on the market! You will find many fine details on SANHUI dolls that are not seen on other brands!  Most of our dolls feature realistic soft teeth with removable tongue, defined contour lines on the body, and realistic hands and feet. All our dolls feature extremely soft breasts! We use silicone gel implants to simulate real breasts, SANHUI also offers a lot of add-on options to our products that will make the dolls unbelievably realistic! Please check the order pages for more details.

Built-in versus insert

We received feedback that the only thing stopping people from purchasing  a SANHUI doll is that all the dolls feature built-in vaginas. They believe that it will be really difficult to clean up after use. The truth is, it's not that difficult at all.

SANHUI has committed itself to making high-end sex dolls for years. We want the dolls to be alive in every single detail, and that's the only reason why we insist on making dolls with built-in vaginas--it's more real and also offers you a better experience. For insert vaginas, the doll has to have a large cavity to hold it; after a certain time, the vagina will not be able to stay in the perfect position. You also risk tearing the vagina when installing for use and removing the insert for cleanse and dry. If the insert is not removed and the cavity remains wet there is a chance mold can grow. This is especially true with TPE dolls.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling is included in your purchase price for qualifying countries. Please look for your country in the drop down menu when checking out. We understand no one likes to wait so we ship quickly!  We usually have the smaller dolls them in stock. They will be shipped out within 24 hours. For the big dolls like 145cm, 160cm and 165cm, it may take longer if they are not in stock. It will take us a few more days to get her ready, but usually less than a week. The package will be transferred in HongKong and then we will receive the tracking number. Until then there will be a little delay, but we will inform you once we ship the doll out. Shipping to the US generally takes around 9 days. We take the utmost care in preparing your companion for shipment. We will take photos or videos and send them to you before she is sent out, so you can make sure that your doll is in perfect condition.

With every purchase we provide you with a cleaning tool, and instructions about how to clean it up, you should really try SANHUI dolls, it might be an experience you will never forget.

Order process

Step 1: Make an order on this website, or you can contact us, and we can assist you with placing an order.

Step 2: Please make sure you have provided us with all the information needed for the shipment. We recommend you to provide us your phone number as well in case we need to contact you.

Step 3: Please check your emails regularly. The production will usually take about 7 to 15 days, the international shipping will take about 7 to 10 days, we'll keep you posted during that process.

Step 4: After you receive the package, please open it up immediately and check if everything is ok. If you run into any problems, please contact us as soon as possible.

Warranty and Returns

At SANHUI we stand behind our products. For all products purchased directly from the manufacturer, we provide free repairs for six months following Quick User's Quide, on the basis of customer's payment for two-way returning shipments. Check immediately the exterior and interior of the package following the conduct of express delivery companies on reclaim. Please contact customer service within 48 hours in case of declaration of reclaim.

Due to the fact that our silicone products are manufactured of personal satisfaction for adults thus NOT recyclable. Any case exceeding the 48-hour period for declaration of reclaim and/or with trace(s)/wake(s)by any party on the received products, will then be regarded as voluntary acceptance of quality thus valid ONLY for free repairs within six months. Expenses on repairs and two-way shipments will be charged on any case that exceeds warranty terms.

Please note our packages are tamper resistant and if the seals have been broken it is no longer considered new, and we cannot accept such claims for return as "new and unopened condition".   For third party purchases warranty, please see the vendor policy.