Things You Should Know About Our New Flexi Edition Skeleton Upgrade

The new Flexi Edition skeleton upgrade is the latest achievement from SANHUI after months of hard work. Some other sex doll manufacturers have got into the game of premium skeleton options ahead of us, SANHUI was intrigued by that as well, skeleton is the core of a sex doll and everybody knows what an excellent skeleton can do to a doll priced over two thousand US dollars. Honestly, it was not that easy to get this done, we put a lot of time and effort into the design and really took the test to the extreme, that's how we knew for sure we've got what we wanted. The new skeleton upgrade will allow the dolls to reach angles the average dolls you'll find in the market are incapable of reaching. On top of that, the skeleton itself will be much more durable.

At this point, we're confident to say that we have the top-tier skeletons in the whole field, and our products will help prove this. The new Flexi Edition skeleton upgrade is now available on our 118cm and taller dolls, please give it a try and you'll know what we have to offer.

SANHUI Flexi Edition Skeleton

SANHUI New Articulated Hands And Hard Feet Available Now

The new articulated hands and hard feet features are now available. Visit our product page to get more information

SANHUI Flexi Edition Skeleton

Platinum silicone: The King of Doll Material or Just Another Mediocrity

As a manufacturer that has been producing silicone dolls for a long time, Sanhui is grateful for the long-term trust and support of our consumers. This article is dedicated to our loyal doll lovers and peers, as a gesture of our thankfulness.

The only reason that we publish this article is to provide our consumers with some knowledge of materials used in realistic dolls, and so to help you choose wiser.

We were shocked when some of the merchants describe platinum silicone as a cheap type of silicone. Some silicone doll manufacturers even made untruthful and misleading public statements about silicone types without the complete knowledge of material classifications and characteristics. Personally, these behaviors are very irresponsible for consumers. The manufacturing cost of silicone raw materials and the production process of silicone dolls are far different from TPE dolls. When a premium platinum silicone doll is priced equally or even lower than a TPE doll of the same size, would you have faith in purchasing it? Well, some will, because not everyone is an expert in plastic materials. There is never a shortage of lab mice in this world. We have faith that every manufacturer with a sense of conscience and responsibility will stand up to the above behavior. Nowadays, a large group of our doll lovers may be more experienced than us manufacturers when enjoying a doll, but may not have a thorough knowledge of doll-making materials. Not to mention new consumers that are experiencing realistic dolls for the first time. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to share our knowledge in these aspects. We are open to comments and critiques from professionals if we make any misleading statements.

Currently, popular doll materials can be classified into three major categories: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), silicone, and platinum-cured silicone. The following paragraphs will introduce different characteristics of each of these materials. But before we start, we’d like to clarify that there are no so-called “TPE silicone” dolls or “platinum TPE” dolls, as misspecified on some other website. It doesn’t make any sense to add the platinum catalyst to TPE. These misspecifications are targeted at consumers who are not familiar with doll materials. These are schemes that have been used by a lot of manufacturers years ago when they use the keyword, “TPE silicone dolls”, to deceive consumers. In fact, due to the high manufacturing cost of silicone dolls, there are only a few manufacturers in China that are truly producing silicone dolls. Silicone dolls not only use more expensive raw materials than TPE ones but also require more advanced technology in the production process. In addition to the cost, silicone materials scrapped during the manufacturing process cannot be reused, since silicone cannot be recycled once cured. Therefore, we would also like to friendly remind our peer manufacturers that do not rush into this material without a thorough understanding of its characteristics. This can easily result in a huge loss of investment.

The Standard Skeleton VS The New Flexi Edition Skeleton

Standard Skeleton Version: The doll in blue underclothes.

New Flexi Edition Skeleton Version: The doll in red underclothes.

SANHUI Body Comparison

Check the photos below to see the SANHUI body comparison.

How To Put On / Take Off The Head

As you can see from the instruction video below, it's very easy to put on / take off the head, this excellent neck joint design is available on our 118cm and bigger size dolls.

Standard Joints VS Loose Joints

Check the videos below to see the difference between standard joints option and loose joints option.

SANHUI Rotatable Eyes

Check the video below to take a closer look at how the rotatable eyes work, they're also exchangeable, you only need to take the original pair of eyes out and install the new pair, be careful with the eyelashes though.

SANHUI Four Standard Skin Tone Options

SANHUI offers four standard skin tone options, please check the photos below, we also do custom skin tones.

SANHUI Textured Skin Add-on Feature

The Textured Skin feature is a highly recommended feature from SANHUI, it simulates the skin of real human, please check the photos below to see more details.

SANHUI Implantation Add-on Options

In case you're not familiar with the implantation add-on options we can offer, here's a detailed introduction for you. SANHUI now offers Soft Breasts, Soft Belly, Soft Butt, Soft Thighs four implantation add-on options, all these add-on options will make the dolls more realistic, do not miss them. Please check the videos below for more details.