SANHUI Model Making Co.,LTD was established since 2010, located in Nanning, China. We have been making and selling lovely companions ever since. As a way to offer better services for our international customers, this very site of is established as the ONLY legitimate official site in English for overseas sales. All dolls are crafted with high quality medical grade platinum silicone imported from Japan, featuring a fully poseable durable stainless steel skeleton cushioned in a soft environmentally friendly foam. The skeleton provides a wide range of motion similar to human body, our newly developed Flexi Edition Skeleton performs even better, as one of the leading silicone sex doll manufacturers in China, SANHUI never ceases to improve its products.

High quality silicone gives our dolls a nice tactile feedback similar to human skin. The silicone resists stains, dust buildup, and is convenient to clean. Also, the silicone allows us to create the finest details on our dolls. Take a closer look at our dolls and you will notice the pores on her skin, her lifelike hands, and her beautiful feet. To achieve softness similar to human breasts our dolls feature a softer silicone within the breasts. We strive to provide our honored patrons with the most realistic, safe, and quality companions that will last years to come.

Our dolls are divided into three categories based on their size. We have a Mini size, Medium size, and Lifelike size. Our dolls are sculpted by an immensely talented and professional team who have been working in this field for more than 20 years! Thanks to their excellent work, we are now able to offer our patrons a wide variety of wonderful dolls.

Currently, all dolls from SANHUI feature built-in non removable vaginas. We realize this may be a small inconvenience for some but we believe a built-in vagina brings a more realistic and photogenic experience. To make cleaning the orifices a breeze we provide a cleaning tool with every purchase.

The makeup on our dolls is applied by hand by our artists and is resistant to fade. Our doll's default skin tone is pink. But if you prefer a custom color, please let us know and we will do so free of charge.